New stuff on ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ #1

As you can see, on the right hand side of this post, there is a picture of an ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ boy character. The characters in this game are now taller, and you can buy items of clothing such as: trousers, tops, skirts, shoes, dresses and all the other accessories you could buy in ‘Animal Crossing Wild World’.


Release date for ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’

Whenever you go onto a gaming website, it tells you that the release date for ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ will be ‘TBA 2012’ As it is now 2012, many people are guessing it will be released around January/February time. 

Want to take a sneek peek on what the gameplay will look like? Watch the trailer here……


This blog

This blog will update you on the latest “Animal Crossing 3DS” news. I cannot wait for it to come out and hopefully will enjoy editing and writing in this blog, and I hope everyone who takes a look at this enjoys reading it.