Hey ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ fans! I won’t be posting during the week until February half-term—but I will post as musch as I can during the weekends.



Check this out!

Check out ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ trailer on YouTube! When I watched it it made me want it even more!!!!

What the game case of ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ might look like!

This picture (above) is what many people are thinking what ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ might look like!!!

New stuff on ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

In this amazing game there is also……

  1. A beach surrounds the whole town
  2. There are mushrooms
  3. You choose where your house is
  4. There are bushes
  5. There is smoke coming out of the chimneys
  6. There are lamp posts
  7. You sleep in a tent on your first night when your house is being built
  8. The flowers have 4 flowers instead of 3
  9. There are benches
  10. There are beehives
  11. There is a well

If you know any other cool features to the game, comment and let me know!


New stuff on ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ #4

I, personally, think that this is the best feature of the game– swimming!!! I wonder if you have to get a certain swimming ‘outfit’ to be able to swim? I can’t wait to swim on this game!!

New stuff on ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ #3

Apparently, Bill (Left) is the smallest character in ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’. I wonder if they have bigger and smaller characters. Maybe there might be adults and children!

New stuff on ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ #2

In the new ‘Animal Crossing 3DS’ you are the Mayor (what happened to Tortimer?) and this character helps you and follows you around town (I hope that doesn’t get too annoying…). I think it would be really cool to be mayor of your town, and I wonder what you can do in this role (‘Nintendo’ have not yet revealed what this characters name is. They also haven’t revealed what you do as mayor).